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Google Ads for Local Businesses

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Building a Buyer Persona

We build the profile of your ideal client for the elaboration of the correct marketing plan for your business. You will learn what attracts and what prevents your potential customer from buying from you.

Google Ads Campaign

Google Certified Paid Traffic Specialist with experience with clients in Canada, USA, and Brazil in cost optimization and sales results performance for local businesses.

Smart Reports

Weekly reports for you to understand the behavior of your target audience in relation to your brand and campaign and to decide more clearly the ideal measures to expand and consolidate your business.

There is no cheaper media today with so much conversion power!

Get ready for the digital future.

If when your potential customers look for your services or products on the internet, maybe they find your business, at this very moment you are losing a lot of money. Yeah! Right now a lot of people need or want what you offer but don’t know your brand exists.  

When they look for information on the internet about this need, your company needs to be available with differentials, contact and personalized location in a correct, attractive and professional way.  

 In addition to all the exact setup, your ad needs to be well-positioned on search pages, after all:

84% of people contact at most the first three ads from search platforms, 98% give visual focus to the best-structured sets, 91% never go to the second page of Google, except for academic research.  

Hire Light Mind Creation Agency to position your brand professionally on the most used search platform in the world and earn special bonuses! With a package of personalized services, increase your company’s sales power within the first 30 days of activating your Google Ads campaigns. 


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Tatiana Santos
Google Certified Specialist

Your customers are searching for you now on Google. Get high performance, return on investment and increased sales! We will structure your campaign based on your company’s objectives.

What My Clients Have to Say

Carol Mansur
maio 12, 2023

Tatiana has a vast knowledge about Google ADS and marketing. She did a great analysis of our business

fabiana andrade
maio 1, 2023

Excellent professional 👏👏 We are delighted with so much wisdom

Rosilaine Antunes
abril 27, 2023

I need to thank the distinguished professional who was introduced to me at the meeting. Dedicated, objective and clear explanations, How much teaching. It was an explosion of new information and mind-opening through real data. Happening accelerated growth in sales of my company.

Jennifer Jeje
abril 27, 2023

Tatiana provided us with great service and advice. Very attentive and explains well, clarifying all our doubts. Gratitude for the patience with us and congratulations on the beautiful work.

Kênia Raissa
abril 26, 2023

An analytical and strategic view on the positioning of my brand on Google and social networks. Excellent targeting 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Karina Caldaro
abril 26, 2023

I was in contact with Tatiana, a very competent professional, who in an hour of meeting gave me a lot of information and knowledge. I highly recommend!

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Google Certified Professional

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